Saturday, August 16, 2008

Revolutionary Water Gun Battle - Recap

(YouTube video and photos below, don't get impatient!)

After days of shopping for water guns, my search was coming up rather barren. It was finally at CVS where I found the first gun I could buy! (last place you'd look for a water gun, right?Conveniently, at least I thought, my neighbor and my step-brother also had some I could borrow. So I took them all. I ended up with 6. I thought that was awesome, but apparently that is too many to use efficiently, who would've thought? I couldn't sleep last night, and I was too excited this morning, so I ended up leaving early. Sporting all blue to represent the American Colonists, I drove all the way from Nashua, NH down to Boston at 11:00 in the morning. I parked under Boston Common and hauled over to my assigned meeting location: behind the Hatch Shell, the stage where the Boston Pops Orchestra plays every Forth of July. I was a bit early, but surprisingly not the first one there.

A while later, everyone finally started to show up. It was a great day, and to think, I actually expected it to rain! Right after 1:30, the scheduled meet-up time, Banditos organizer Ethan Feuer, outfitted as General Washington, stood up in front of the colonial troops and gave his motivational speech. We loaded up and marched west along the south bank of the Charles River to the beat of a drum (or at least tried to march). Over yonder, we could see the British Redcoats marching towards us. As they filled out, we realized we were heavily outnumbered. As everyone chanted "Huzzah!", I let out a much needed "THIS IS SPARTA!". I was just about to help a fellow troop load his musket (and by musket, I mean neon colored plastic water rifle). I lunged forward into the wall coming towards me, completely blinded by the surge of water in my face. After the initial few rushes, both teams fell back to reload. Luckily I brought over four liters of water, so I quickly got back to my feet. Dodging sprays of water, I ran through enemy lines with my camera, as you will see in the following video. At some point, I turned to the center of the action, to be greeted by robots blowing bubbles, and got a very nice close-up shot. That was short-lived, and people started forming small assault groups. Some even betrayed their countrymen and struck up conversations with the British.

As the fight was turning to a close, Banditos organizers took action and cleaned up battlefield. No bodies had to be dumped into the Charles; however, several trash bags were filled with empty water bottles and broken weapons. Good job again, Banditos Misteriosos! I hope your next event lives up to the level I've come to expect! Now, you can enjoy a selection of my photos and a video I put together from the event:

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A wonderful day. Not a cloud in the sky.. well, except that oneThe Colonists grouping up
He must be FrenchThe Colonists' musical accompaniment
The Colonists grouping upThe Colonists marching to battle
The British Redcoats lining upSome nasty redcoats thinking they're hot stuff (kidding! its my friends)
Special Agent Colonists
General Washington peacefully blowing a bubbleProud to be an American Colonist
Myself post-fighting

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( Photography and Video © Chris Andrews , Video Music © Creedence Clearwater Revival)

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Andrew said...

I was the one that you were helping to load their "musket" right as the battle started and we had to cancel mid-way.

Thanks for the help, the fantastic pictures, and the video!