Sunday, September 21, 2008

MP3EXP Recap

Yesterday was amazing! I drove to Boston to make it by 2:30 just to make sure I got there on time. I showed up, and there were small groups of people in colored shirts, waiting for the MP3 Experience. I met up with some regulars from Boston SOS and we synchronized our watches. Right before the clock struck three o'clock, several people began a countdown-- "ten, nine, eight...". Everyone got silent and began listening to the MP3 we had all downloaded just days before. No one knew what to expect in the next hour and nine minutes. (If you want to hear it for yourself, click HERE)

It began with the left and right sides of your brain chatting to each other, with the stereo sound switching channels back and forth. We began doing some simple activities to get everyone loosened up.

"Hey, why don't we try smiling for a moment? Smile as big as you can! Can you smile with your eyes closed? I can smile with your eyes closed. Now lets wink at all our new friends. We're winking because we're in on it. We know something the others don't. Wink, wink! Can you wink while keeping both your eyes closed? Not easy, is it?"

Then Steve, The Omnipotent Voice From Above from Improv Everywhere was introduced, watching down on us. He made us separate up and begin spinning very quickly. After we stopped spinning, we had to go shake the hands of all our new friends. This was rather difficult, and even when I tried to stopped moving, I felt myself trying to fall down to the left.

The narrator came back on and made us freeze as statues for five minutes. You really don't know how long five minutes is until you have to stand there without moving. Some people made obvious bad decisions on their poses, and were struggling to keep still. Right after we unfroze, we had to hide. I hid under a park bench, and many people nearby hid behind small pillars. We tip-toed around to other hiding spots.

The next segment was a wildlife hunt, where we had to find bugs, wing├ęd birds, fishes, and the ferocious half-mouse/half-spiders/half-man-eating-tiger (the squirrel). The audio effects were done with such precision that it gave the illusion that there were seagulls flying overhead, when there wasn't at all.

There were some other ridiculous events, like smelling flowers, hugging inanimate objects (and then the entire park as a group effort), dancing, surfing, and posing as groups in our colored shirts, a runway fashion show, and a corral-the-cows (people in green shirts were the cows), walking and riding horses like a cowboy, and singing (quite unsynchronized).

We ended up at the Aquarium's plaza, quickly taking over the entire area. We walked around giving very suspicious glares at each other and strangers. All at once, we pulled out our finger-pistols and held them up pointing at everyone. As we shouted "bang, bang", we fell to the ground, leaving no survivors.

Overall, it was a fantastic day -- more than I could have ever hoped for with this type of event. I don't know when the next MP3 Experience will take place, but I will most definitely be there, and you should too!

Here's some pictures I took during the event. I participated in everything, thus did not take a video. I'll link some in a few days when they start making an appearance on YouTube. Stay tuned!

( Photography © Chris Andrews )

The "finger bang" gunfight in the Aquarium plaza:

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Unknown said...

Hands down the most painful part of MP3 EXP was the "hugging" of Mr. Christopher Columbus.
My ribs are still healing