Thursday, September 4, 2008

Recap of this week

This week has been ridiculous, quite literally. I had planned on not doing anything Monday, in preparation for what happened later in the week. However, the Director of Boston SOS called me up and wanted me to go with him to Boston to do some testing for the upcoming MP3 Experiment. I went down and ended up not only testing the track, but going out to eat with some other members to three different restaurants spending a few hours at each. It was very fun and full of dirty jokes, and we even played charades with members and random other people on the other side of the subway tracks. Finally we ended up catching the last subway before the MBTA closed down for the night, and I got home at 1:30 am.
(Due to the secrecy of this event's planning process, no photos of this testing day will be posted)

Tuesday and Wednesday I had to get up to go to work at 8:30 am and work until 12:00 am. Yes, that's right, I worked over 15 hours each day, for two days straight. Most of the two days was doing pretty much the same thing but we were at capacity most of the time. I work for the Information Technology Systems department at Daniel Webster College, and our entire department was present registering the freshmen and returning student's computers.

Running on no sleep for the entire week thus far, I began school today. After a rather unsettling scheduling mishap that occurred just days before, everything finally slipped back into order and I'm full up on classes. The day went as expected for the most part, including working for both of my jobs; DWC ITS and HoloDek Gaming.

This upcoming week will most likely be full of classes, leaving nothing interesting to talk about. I'm sure something might come up, so always check back for updates!
Also, if you have a suggestion of something I should talk about more, just let me know!

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