Thursday, October 30, 2008

FA-18 Hornet visits Daniel Webster College

Today was mostly an average day, except for a visit from a very unusual plane. If any of you know Daniel Webster College, you know that its a very, very small airport tucked in the corner of Nashua, NH. We were all told that there was going to be an FA-18 Hornet, a military strike fighter jet, landing on our tiny airstrip. At least a hundred Daniel Webster students lined the fence next to the runway and waited for the jet to arrive. After waiting 40 minutes past its scheduled landing time, it soared by, shaking the ground. After the pilot landed, surprisingly only using half of the runway, he gave a presentation to anyone interested in the auditorium. At night, the students gathered again and waited for takeoff. The engines roared on and the jet taxxied to the end of the runway, with everyone anticipating a wonderful afterburner blast. As everyone had hoped for, the afterburners went on full blast and the FA-18 Hornet lifted off right in front of us, heading up at an extreme angle. In under a minute's time, it had turned to face the other direction, and was reportedly at 7,500 feet. Here are a few pictures and videos I captured while I was there:

FA-18 Hornet flying overhead before landing

FA-18 Hornet taking off at night

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Monster Mashup

Today, Banditos Misteriosos hosted MONSTER MASHUP. This was a Halloween-themed event that had everyone boogeying (boo-geying, scary, huh?).

At the sound of an air horn, everyone quickly suited up in their ghost costume, a colorful sheet with eye holes, and put on their MP3 played. At the second air horn sound, we all hit play and were listening to some of the most cliché Halloween music you can think of. Several ghosts stood at the top of a staircase in front of us and help up signs, with things such as bats and pumpkins on them, cueing us to perform a certain dance more. The event only lasted about 5 minutes, but many of us hung around much longer afterward chatting about this and previous events.

I'll see you next time! Until then, its time to get back to the grind of homework.

( Photography © Chris Andrews )

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Improv Everywhere releases MP3 Experiment videos

On Monday, Improv Everywhere released five videos about the MP3 Experiment tour. Besides the one I attended in New York City, it also happened in Chicago, San Francisco, and Toronto.

The posting on their website, viewable HERE, contains links to each of the four cities. I highly suggest checking it out! Here are the videos, as seen on YouTube. Note that each event was approximately 50 minutes, but the videos are only 5 minutes. The last half of each video is pretty much the same, but the first half of each city shows a slightly different set of events. All of these events that the videos show happened at each location, so watch all four cities to get a good impression of what we all did!

The MP3 Experiment Tour

MP3 Experiment 5 (New York)

MP3 Experiment Toronto

MP3 Experiment San Francisco

MP3 Experiment Chicago

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm still alive!

I know it has been a month since my last post! I've been extremely busy since then with college, and haven't had anything interesting (at least that any of you would care to know about).

I've been regularly attending Friday-night car shows at Target and working both my jobs, aside from school, so I've had plenty to do. I have only left town twice since I went to New York. Once was to have a meeting with the higher-ups of Boston SOS. The other was to fix, or in this case eliminate, an old computer network in Lowell, MA.

As for my spare time, its practically non-existent, and it chewed up by several projects, such as designing and developing an assembler-based operating system and a 3D shooter for the PC using technology from Nintendo Wiimotes.

This weekend I am planning on attending "Monster Mashup" by Banditos Misteriosos, so expect another post soon!