Thursday, October 30, 2008

FA-18 Hornet visits Daniel Webster College

Today was mostly an average day, except for a visit from a very unusual plane. If any of you know Daniel Webster College, you know that its a very, very small airport tucked in the corner of Nashua, NH. We were all told that there was going to be an FA-18 Hornet, a military strike fighter jet, landing on our tiny airstrip. At least a hundred Daniel Webster students lined the fence next to the runway and waited for the jet to arrive. After waiting 40 minutes past its scheduled landing time, it soared by, shaking the ground. After the pilot landed, surprisingly only using half of the runway, he gave a presentation to anyone interested in the auditorium. At night, the students gathered again and waited for takeoff. The engines roared on and the jet taxxied to the end of the runway, with everyone anticipating a wonderful afterburner blast. As everyone had hoped for, the afterburners went on full blast and the FA-18 Hornet lifted off right in front of us, heading up at an extreme angle. In under a minute's time, it had turned to face the other direction, and was reportedly at 7,500 feet. Here are a few pictures and videos I captured while I was there:

FA-18 Hornet flying overhead before landing

FA-18 Hornet taking off at night

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