Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Improv Everywhere releases MP3 Experiment videos

On Monday, Improv Everywhere released five videos about the MP3 Experiment tour. Besides the one I attended in New York City, it also happened in Chicago, San Francisco, and Toronto.

The posting on their website, viewable HERE, contains links to each of the four cities. I highly suggest checking it out! Here are the videos, as seen on YouTube. Note that each event was approximately 50 minutes, but the videos are only 5 minutes. The last half of each video is pretty much the same, but the first half of each city shows a slightly different set of events. All of these events that the videos show happened at each location, so watch all four cities to get a good impression of what we all did!

The MP3 Experiment Tour

MP3 Experiment 5 (New York)

MP3 Experiment Toronto

MP3 Experiment San Francisco

MP3 Experiment Chicago

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